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Investing In Better Appliances

Potential Causes If Your Washer Keeps Overflowing

by Julia Wood

An overflowing washing machine can create a minor flood, water damage, and a major headache. Overflowing can happen due to a few different mechanisms malfunctioning or failing. You can check the mechanisms yourself if you have some repair experience or call in an appliance repair technician to service your washer.

Make sure you turn off the water supply and electricity to the unit as soon as an overflow happens and keep both off while maintenance is performed.

Water Inlet Valve

The water inlet valve is an electrical device that opens and closes your home water supply's access to the washing machine basin. The valve uses signals from the timer to know when and how much water to let into the basin and when to cut off the supply. A malfunctioning or broken valve can cause the water to flow continuously, which causes an overflow.

There's a simple way to test if the inlet valve is the problem. Turn off the power while leaving the water supply turned on. If the machine still overflows, you have an inlet issue. There is no repair for a broken water inlet valve so you will simply need to purchase and install a replacement part.

Low Water Pressure

Before you replace the water inlet valve, make sure the valve is receiving a high enough water pressure. The water pressure is partly responsible for allowing the valve to both fully open and fully close. Low water pressure can keep the valve from closing completely, which again can lead to an overflow problem.

You can call the water company out to test your home water pressure. The diagnosis might help you fix water pressure issues elsewhere in your house.

Clogged Drain Hose

The water that comes in through the inlet valve needs to leave the machine as the clothing becomes clean. The water leaves through a drain hose connected to a drain pipe that leaves your home. Clogs in the hose or pipe can block the exit of the water and lead to a leak or overflow, depending on the severity of the clog.

You can check the drain hose for clogs on your own. Turn off the water and power supplies then remove the hose from both the washer and the drainpipe. Stuff a wad of paper towels in the end of the pipe to prevent sewer gases from rising up.

Take the hose to a nearby sink and use the spray to try and spray out any blockages. If the hose seems clear, the problem could be the drain pipe itself. Call in a plumber to service the pipe.

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