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Investing In Better Appliances

Quick Fixes For Your Refrigerator When It's Making A Watery Mess

by Julia Wood

Most households these days rely on the refrigerator for a huge amount of the food they eat. If there's a problem with it, this can be a major hassle. While this isn't always going to be the case, there are situations where you can actually go from having no functionality in your refrigerator at all to a quick fix. Here are a few examples of scenarios where you can fix your refrigerator yourself.

Your Refrigerator Is Crying on the Inside

If there's a pool of water accumulating on the inside of your refrigerator, there's a chance you could have a quick fix if the problem is that the drain tube is blocked. To see if you can do this, first you have to unplug your refrigerator. Then, you have to find the drain plug which is usually way at the bottom back corner of the primary compartment of your appliance.

Then, all you have to do is mix some warm water and baking soda together, and then use a turkey baster to clean out the drain tube. Do this a few times, and then take out the drain pan that's under the bottom of the appliance and clean it out. Dry everything off, put everything back together, plug your appliance back in and see if that did the trick.

Your Refrigerator Made a Mess on the Floor

If the problem with your device is actually that there's water underneath it, then there's also a potentially quick fix to this. What you need to do is check the ice maker. If the water puddle under your refrigerator is slowly expanding, this is especially a good sign that this fix could work. The issue, in this case, is that the ice maker is leaking. There's actually a shutoff valve, usually under your sink, that will keep the puddle from growing.

Then, you can just shut off your ice maker to keep it from drawing any more water. Usually, there's a wire in the assembly area that you can raise up to turn off. If you don't need your ice maker, you can just leave it off. Usually, you can also just fix the line by replacing it yourself as well.

Obviously, there are situations where you really can't fix the refrigerator on your own unless you have specialized knowledge. If none of these scenarios appear to be the case then you should call a professional like ASAP Appliance Repair, Inc. for sure.