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Investing In Better Appliances

Is Your Refrigerator Ready For The Holidays?

by Julia Wood

You rely on your refrigerator to help your big parties and feasts go smoothly. If you're planning to have a big holiday party this year, now is the time to be sure that your refrigerator is ready for your event.

Set the Ice Maker on Party Mode

Some modern refrigerators with ice makers have a "party mode" setting that put the ice maker into overproduction for big events. Set your ice maker to party mode several hours before your event to help prepare for higher ice demand. Keep in mind that this forces the compressor in the freezer to work nonstop, and over time that can burn out your refrigerator. If your party mode setting doesn't have an automatic shutoff, set a reminder in your smart phone or calendar to turn off party mode when it's no longer needed.

Clean Your Refrigerator's Coils

Cleaning the coils of your refrigerator enables the unit to expel heat more easily and work more efficiently. If your refrigerator's coils haven't been cleaned in many months or years, now is the time. Many older refrigerators will have coils at the back of the unit, while newer refrigerators will have coils at the front behind the grille. Cut the power to the unit. Pull out the refrigerator or pull off the grille, and then use a vacuum cleaner extension to suck away the dust. Once this is done, use a microfiber cloth to wipe away any gunk on the coils. If you use a cleaner to do this, be sure to dry the coils before plugging the refrigerator back in.

Address Signs of Mechanical Distress

Often refrigerators will start to show signs of distress before breaking down completely. If your refrigerator is showing one of these symptoms, contact an experienced and reliable appliance repair person right away:

  • Food spoils more quickly than it used to. Food spoiling quickly could be a sign that the interior temperature of your refrigerator is running unnaturally high.
  • Excessive heat coming from the coils of the fridge. You may have always noticed some heat coming from the coils, but more heat than normal could be a sign of bad things to come.
  • Your fridge is louder than it used to be while running. If you can hear your refrigerator buzzing or making groaning noises when it runs, it may be time to have an appliance repair person look at your unit.

For more information about how you can prepare your refrigerator for upcoming holiday celebrations, speak with an experienced appliance repair person in your area like All Appliance Service Inc.